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Our Services

  • Man Cave design

  • New Idea design

  • Consulting Services

  • Technical Design Reviews

  • Fabrication and drawing reviews

  • Installation

  • Quality control and management

  • Autocad and CNC services

Our Industries

  • Film Special Effects

  • Architectural and art Pieces

  • Industrial Fabrication

  • Residential and Commercial

  • Retail and pop up

  • Mechanical Projects

  • The weird, the fun, the technical

  • Large wall murals and art


Professional Team

Vast Design Experience

High Quality

Excellent Service

About Us

2020 Aerial Design

We are a creative group of highly experienced designers, fabricators and artists.  We work within many industries offering technical design services through to complete fabrication.  Let us help you bring an idea or design to life.


Recent Projects


"We came to 2020 with an idea and no knowledge of how to build it.  We were recommended 2020 and they absolutely excelled!  Awesome design making fast and easy work, thank you!"

Adam Kirkby

"After being dissatisfied with another company's fabrication work, we approached 2020.  They built it fast, accurately and with a high quality finish.  They really understand fabrication! Highly recommend!"

Joel Ochoa

"This team is the best!  I started with them fabricating commercial structures until i knew what they could really do.  Now I have 6 of their masterpieces in my museum! Their ideas and work is wild!

Mick Lund

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